Ursula Delaroche-Vernet

“It's fascinating how art and music can spark creativity in different ways for each individual. For me, it's the magic of music that ignites my passion for painting, while for the musician, it's the power of art that fuels their musical creations. The beauty of inspiration lies in its diverse sources, allowing us to express ourselves uniquely through our chosen mediums.”



1975 Born in Paris, France 


Ursula crafted collages from vintage fashion magazines and captured the essence of the 80s and 90s graffiti scene through her photography. As an accredited TV journalist in Germany, she orchestrated a weekly 60 minute show on global advertising and a styling design program in Switzerland. Her repertoire extends to diverse journalistic and artistic video ventures. Ursula consistently infuses her artistic perspective into all her endeavors, vividly illustrating life through her work. As a co-founder of the VR and AR startup HOLOOH in Paris she amplified a creative take on fashion and music within the new technology.

Based on her history of creating photo collages, calilu art projects was born in the early 2000s using her daily photography shots and computer skills. calilu is inspired by her surroundings: the Life in Los Angeles, California. Soon after, she started working with paint, canvas and diverse materials on various surfaces to create L.A.-inspired contemporary abstract art projects. 

Mostly nature-inspired paintings focusing on the visual qualities of color, form and texture are created in the south Italian family country home, La Piccionaia. The use of recycled random material sparks her artistic techniques and creativity. On some creations she adds with various stencil techniques the Piccione logo, which was created by her father, an architect and creative designer.

The "Alpine series" portray the environmental challenges changing the mountain areas in Europe.

Video-Art, Video sequences for fashion brands, hair-stylists, makeup-artists, realtors, as well as for personal use are always in her portfolio. 


Abitur / Baccalaureate in Munich, Germany

Bachelor's of Communications at the BAW, Academy of Marketing and Communication, Munich, Germany 

As a descendent from two well known families of French artists from the 18th and 19th century, Ursula grew up with a deeply rooted affinity for art and was always inspired to create.

The Vernet Family is known through three generations of famous painters.

The Vernet family connected through marriage to another notable French artist. 

Paul Delaroche (1797-1856) married Horace Vernet’s daughter Louise and became famous in Europe for his melodramatic depictions that often portrayed subjects from English and French history.  

In November 2023, the Palace of Versailles is dedicating a major retrospective to the painter Horace Vernet (1789–1863). A key figure at Versailles during the reign of Louis-Philippe, the artist produced, over period of 13 years, some of the most beautiful paintings in the Historical Galleries, making Versailles home to the largest collection of his works today. More than 40 years after the last exhibition dedicated to Vernet, this retrospective of some 200 works provides an opportunity to discover many exceptional masterpieces, as well as sketches and drawings demonstrating how the artist worked.

Exhibition held at the Palace of Versailles 

from 14 November 2023 to 17 March 2024